Vein Finder Trolley Type SIFVEINSET 1.0


Type: Trolley Type vein finder: Vein finder + Mobile Stand ( Trolley) 

Light type: Infrared.

Depth: – Up to 10 mm in the hand with the help of an intensifier in the palm (accessory provided for free)

– 3 – 5 mm for legs and arms.

Best Projection Distance: 20cm~25cm.

Colors: Red, green, white,

Working modes: color adjustment, brightness adjustment, black and white reverse, pause, depth recognition, children mode

Assisting in: IV Contrast, Mesotherapy, Sclerotherapy, Blood Draw, Nasolabial Folds Injection, Botox Injection, Vascular procedures,…

Certification: FDA, CE.

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Vein Finder Trolley Type SIFVEINSET-1.0
Main Unit SIFVEIN-5.2 + Trolley SIFTROLLEY-2.1


Vein Finder Trolley Type SIFVEINSET-1.0 consists of the main unit SIFVEIN-5.2 and the trolley stand SIFTROLLEY-2.1. The SIFVEIN-5.2 ensures medical staff to perform punctures during surgery and other medical procedures accurately and effectively. With the help of the bendable, hands-free SIFTROLLEY-2.1 staff now can have their friends totally free while the Vein detector is doing what it is meant to.

The SIFTROLLEY-2.1 is a wheeled stand. It the latest hands-free accessories and it is ideal for any medical setting in which vein illumination needs to be brought to the patient, as the stand’s stable base and smooth gliding wheels allow it to be easily maneuvered.

Now there is no need to return the SIFVEIN-5.2 to the charging cradle in between uses.  the vein locator charges while it is in the secure “quick cup” of the SIFTROLLEY-2.1. This “quick cup” allows the SIFVEIN-5.2 to be easily placed in the stand after you’ve assessed the vasculature and are ready to perform the venipuncture.

Main Unit Features:

Trolley compatible with a vein finder

  • The medical vein finder SIFVEIN-5.2 uses a new type of optical structure design. That can realize the original position projection and improve the vein recognition rate.
  • Fully digital image acquisition and display mode.
  • Color adjustment: Red/ Green/ White Color Switch Mode.
  • Brightness Adjustment Feature.
  • Black and White reverse: Uses black and white inversion to adjust the switching between vein display and background color.
  • Depth identification: Provides More Specific Vein Location.
  • Child mode Function.

Specifications Of The Probe:

vein probe specifications

Specifications Of The Trolley:

Mobile stand for a vein finder

Clinical Application:

  • Injecting Section – Helps intern nurses to complete injections. To solve the problem of injection difficulty for people of obesity, with small blood vessels or too dark skin, etc. whose veins are hard to find.
  • Cosmetology – For basic facial injections of hyaluronic acid, water light, botulinum toxin, collagen, etc. Avoid the serious consequences of injection errors.
  • Cardiology – Precise positioning for dissection of veins that is needed during bypass surgery.
  • Dialysis – Monitors the patient’s real-time blood flow during hemodialysis.
  • Peripheral angiography – lighting peripheral vessels of the patient and helping the doctor diagnose the condition.
  • And more departments that need to observe veins for diagnosis or experiments, in addition to universities, nursing colleges, laboratories, and so on. You can use a vein visualization device to help observe veins for assisted support.

Technical Parameters:

Technical Index:

  • Imaging method: DLP in-situ projection, no laser.
  • Maximum projection depth: Up to 10 mm in the hand with the help of an intensifier in the palm (accessory provided for free)Between 3 – 5 mm for legs and arms.
  • Infrared wavelength: 850NM.
  • Rated power: 25VA.
  • Stand-by time: ≥180min.
  • Charging time: 3H(Off state).
  • Image Resolution: 824*480.
  • Contrapuntal precision: ≤ 0.2mm.
  • Projection brightness: 1W20Lumens (adjustable).
  • Optimal imaging distance: 20cm-25cm.
  • Host weight: 0.5KG.
  • Length: 220mm.
  • Frame frequency: > 30 frame/s.
  • Projection color: white/green/ red light can be switched.
  • Working mode: color adjustment, brightness adjustment, black and white reverse, pause, depth recognition, children mode…
  • Processor: Inter ®Atom.
  • Operating environment: WIN8.1 operating system.
  • Bracket: table model / cart model (optional).

Software and hardware features:

  • Adopt a new type of optical structure design. Realize the in-situ projection and improve the vein recognition rate.
  • Multiple image enhancement algorithm. To make the veins otherwise difficult to distinguish clearly visible.
  • Depth recognition: The depth of the vein can be distinguished and hinted by the recognition of the grayscale.
  • Through the image acquisition, processing, transmission to achieve full digital and improve the drive circuit of the optical machine. Use high-performance computers. It can effectively improve the image quality and increase the frame frequency.
  • By using an innovative synchronous rectification power management circuit to Improve power conversion efficiency and reduce radiation and ripple.
  • Through the structural design of the centralized management and centralized heat dissipation of the heating device. Makes the whole machine dissipation better solved. Which ensures the stability of the machine for long time operation.

Application Cases:

A. Subcutaneous haemorrhage and vessel sealing:

Portable vein finder for vessel sealing

B. Venous sinus and varicosity:

vein detector

C. Newborn and coronary heart disease:

vein finder assisted Newborn and coronary heart disease

D. Blood sampling and injection beauty needle:

Vein locator

E. Phlebotomy:

Phlebotomists collect blood samples and units for laboratory tests, transfusions, donations, or research. Human health depends, to a large degree, on the precision and professionalism of Phlebotomists. Physicians diagnose major medical conditions based on blood samples. Including many kinds of cancer, diabetes, thyroid disease, allergies, and pregnancy. In addition, donated blood and platelets collected at blood centers account for thousands of lives saved every year in California. It is the Phlebotomist who must safely collect blood samples. Identify them accurately and preserve them properly until needed for testing or transfusion.

There are three ways to collect blood using the vein finder SIFVEIN -5.2

  • Venipuncture (VP) is the most common means of collecting a blood specimen. It involves placing a needle in a vein. Typically at the end of the arm or back of the hand.
  • Further, Skin punctures involve piercing skin tissue. That will bleed to collect a small amount of blood for minimal testing. An example; of a skin puncture would be a finger prick.
  • Furthermore, arterial blood gas puncture (commonly referred to as an ABG) involves drawing blood from an artery. Typically in the wrist. This kind of draw is rare and as a rule done on patients who have a respiratory condition.

vein finder suitable for venipuncture

Working mode:

vein viewer

Color Adjustment

It gives real projection vein image and high accurancy and switchs color among RED, GREEN, WHITE for different skin condition.

portable vein viewer

Brightness Adjustment

It regulates the brightness of vein image according to environment and reduces the outside impact in addition to providing an excellent image quality to adapt different condition.

vein finder brightness

Black and white reverse

It switches the current vein and background color. In order, to make a clear contrast and enhance the vein positioning judgment.

vein viewer results

Depth Recognition

It gives specific vein position mainly for stripping the accurate location of the vein in the heart bypass operation in Cardiology, etc.

vein finder Depth Recognition

Child Mode

It reduces large-area projection interference and improves the success rate of puncture.

Enable to perform promptly the necessary treatments and procedures for the patients

Help prevent repetitive and wrong injections

vein finder machine

Enable to open previously saved images to compare before and after the treatment of the patient

vein viewer

Can be used for various patients such as infants and obese patients regardless the color of the skin

vein finder for injections

Enable to choose the right blooded vessel based on the precision of the video of the blood vessel





Vein Finder Trolley Type SIFVEINSET-1.0: 

Main Unit SIFVEIN-5.2 + Trolley

12 months warranty.


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